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Live Sound 101

This class is intended to better help understand the principles of Live Sound.  From initial set-up, principles of mixing, stage needs, equipment and the role as an engineer.

There is a non-refundable tuition fee of $125.00

The class will consist as a 4 (four) hour class consisting of the following:

Hour 1:  Basic Set-Up, Basic Tool Kit, Types of Systems -Pros/Cons, System Components And Their Functions and Speakers - Types, Uses, Ohms and Room Coverage

Hour 2:  Consoles: The Heart of the System, Console Overview, Gain vs. Volume, EQ vs. Volume and Setting the Mix - The Basics

Hour 3:  The Stage, Mics and Microphone Techniques, Monitors And The Monitor Mix and Monitor EQ

Hour 4:  Your Role As A Soundman, Client's Needs vs. Musicians Needs, House Volume - DB and Techniques, Stage vs. House and Exercises and Ear Training.

We are currently enrolling for classes starting in January.

Class size is limited so be sure to contact us today to reserve your space!